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Terms and Conditions for Chennai Property

This Terms of Service's provisions apply to all hyperlinks on www.Chennaiproperty.co.in You acknowledge that you have been aware of and agree to the terms when you access or use this Website.

More About Chennai Property

A Chennai's Leading Property Consultant

  • We are property consultants providing Chennai's Leading property for every property seeker, and we intend to save property seekers time and energy. On behalf of them, we have to find and serve the right property according to their requirements of Budget, Location, Living spaces, Amenities, features etc.,
  • Overall we have 15 + Years of experience in Chennai's Property Market. Also, we will serviceyou from a Single window with more than 125+ Projects Information in our hands.

www.chennaiproperty.co.in intends to connect buyers of various properties with the sellers of the properties on its Website. By providing a unified interface for certain real estate developments, Chennai property or affiliates is not providing any services in any way to users, whether for commercial reasons or in any other manner, except for offering access to a communication system through which information could be provided by third parties that are transmitted or stored for a short period or hosted.

The Website, however, www.chennaiproperty.co.in does not:

  • A Chennai's Leading Property Consultant
  • Start any transmission
  • Choose the receiver for the transmission
  • Modify or select the information in the message.
  • In case you've got a query about this Disclaimer, be able to reach us, and we'll try to answer your question.

Utilizing This Website

Any use of this Website would expressly mean that you irrevocably accept all the terms of use specified at chennaiproperty.co.in You acknowledge that you can choose not to receive these terms or conditions stated in this document, and, in that case, you are advised not to use or access the Website in any way. The use of or access to this Website in any way will constitute irrevocable acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Anyone who accesses or has obtained any data or information from this Website acknowledges and accepts that all proprietary rights, whether statutory or not associated with the information accessed by that person, will remain the sole right of Chennai Property. Any reproduction, distribution or transmission in exchange for consideration or other reasons of any information on this Website is strictly prohibited, and it is a violation of laws in India.

This Website is not intended to be taken as a claim to solicit or offer to provide. Furthermore, this site is not intended to be, or should not be, understood as providing or requesting the offering of any information or service to people from other countries that are under the jurisdiction of any law of India. The User acknowledges that due to how the Website operates on the Internet, although the Website is intended for Indian residents, it is accessible from other regions of the world. If the User isn't an Indian resident but utilizes the Website, he acknowledges and is aware and agrees that he's doing it at his discretion and the risk of his own. He also believes it is his obligation (not the responsibility of Chennai Property) to ensure that the pertinent local legislation uses the Website. Suppose the User isn't an Indian resident when he uses this Website and provides his personally identifiable information or any other information available on the Website. In that case, he expressly agrees to transmit his knowledge to India and process this information on Chennai Property Indian servers. There, the data will be subject to Indian laws, which may offer more protection for data than the country in which he lives.

www.chennaiproperty.co.in does not offer any advice on this issue and is not liable to anyone who has a business relationship with a company which is named on this Website and or any other person using any information obtained via this Website or who relies on this information or accessing any information to get business or investment-related including legal, tax, accounting advice or guidance on the viability or the appropriateness of an investment or security. The information on this Website is not intended to be investment or business advice. The User should be cautious and consult an independent professional before entering into any relationship of business with any entity or taking on any financial or investment commitment based on the information available on this Website.

Third-Party Links

This site may include links to other websites or videos hosted by and managed by other parties other than Chennai Property, e.g. the videos we host on our third-party service provider's servers or similar activities. Chennai property does not have any responsibility for the content of any kind (including the related adverts or other videos) or any information made available on linked websites or any hyperlink contained on the linked Website or any modifications or updates made to these Websites