FAQ for Chennai property

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Chennai property

1. How start searching for a property?

All media will show a list of properties. The online real-estate portal is the best platform for property seekers. One of the best platforms www.chennaiproperty.co.in

2. Which is the best property seller Builder or any Individuals?

Both are the best options according to your requirements., Builder has many options but individual were minimum options.

3. Which is the best Investment Apartment, villa and Plots?

Plots are ultimate compared to all types next villas and apartments. Subject to location and Infrastructure developments.

4. What is BHK?

BHK Means number of Bedrooms Hall Kitchen like 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK.

5. How to choose property?
Based on your requirements like Location, Budget, Lifestyle amenities, and property type choice we are mentioned in detail at how to choose property
6. What is the difference between Flats and Plots?

Flats means constructed apartments portions, and Plots means open land or Ground is called Plots.

7. What is the checklist for property seekers?

Before starting the property many more details are required we have listed the checklist in Detail CHECKLIST

8. What is EOI?

Expression of Interest (EOI) is called our government is not entertained to start booking before approval formalities but based on customer expression of interest before starting public announcement for the respective project will collect the EOI form.

9. What is UDS, BUA, Carpet area, and Common area

UDS: Undivided shares(UDS) of land while constructing apartments lands will be converted to Undivided shares owned by flat owners those parcels of land called (UDS).

BUA: Build up area is Called BUA while constructing all areas measured by Buildup area (BUA).

Carpet Area: After building up the building wherever space is available like a usable area is called a Carpet area

Common Area: While the builder develops an apartment every space will cost which space equally calculate and show differentiates Common area how much included common area in this value to consider as a Common area.

10. How to Know Upcoming Projects?

Contact Channel partner let them have a trap of upcoming projects or One of the best Platform www.chennaiproperty.co.in or Reach us at +91 72997 77792

11. What is the difference between CMDA and DTCP approvals
Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority ( CMDA ) / Directorate of Town and Country Planning Authority( DTCP) Both are the same regulations followed by Tamilnadu authority only Chennai City limit get approval under CMDA Rest of Tamilnadu under DTCP approval.
12. What is RERA?
The Real Estate Regulatory Authority ( RERA) is called rera which will integrate Builders Customers Financiers and vendors all will be monitored by RERA which will help complete the project on time.
13. How to Check Home Loan Eligibility?
Reach us at +91 72997 77792 or Contact your Home bank and let them help you share your eligibility
14. What are property Types?
Pent House:
Which is on top of the floor with a partial terrace area called a penthouse.
Duplex House:
Individual houses built with single roofs like internal Stairs provided are called
Every apartment development having multiple houses each house is called a Flats
Plots :
Vacant Land or ground Called Plots
15. How to Contact Chennai property?
You Can Reach Us +91 72997 77792 | www.Chennaiproperty.co.in | info@chennaiproperty.co.in